Neighborhood Updates:

In order to support an open and transparent HOA, We are publishing the Financial ledger in detail. Only the names of Homeowners have not been listed. 

The third phase is stalled.

Here is a plot of the lots.

Recent events:

1. We replaced the well pump, that had stopped working with new sprinkler system with phases that control the duration and quantity of the water for our delicate flower beds.

2. We cleared the trees from the retaining wall on both sides between 1st and 2nd phase of the neighbor-hood in order to protect the wall.

3. We stabilized the wall by gluing new cap blocks permanently on both sides of the roadway.

4. We changed the ground covering in the main entrance from Pine straw to Black Mulch.

5. To bring the neighborhood together, we had our November Neighborhood Event organized by Brian and Kasey Brovan which was a lot of fun for our residents. We also, gathered and brought the New Year in with a bang, paired with a fireworks show organized by Zac and Danielle Guidotti.

6. We replaced the second dog station that was vandalized.

7. We purchased 6 folding tables and 24 chairs for our next Neighbor-hood events

8. Special Thanks to Greig Donoflio for the beautiful Christmas decorations for our entrance.

9. Also a thanks goes out to Patrick and Patricia for going to the landfill several times to help keep our community clean because of our garbage service being delayed.

10. Thanks for everyone that answered with helpful posts on Facebook to benefit our long-time and new neighbors.

Anyone that needs a replacement mailbox can contact the HOA. The price is $100 dollars with the trade in of a rebuild-able post, otherwise the cost is $200.