Neighborhood Updates:

In order to support an open and transparent HOA, We are publishing the Financial ledger in detail. Only the names of Homeowners have not been listed. 

The third phase being is stalled.

Here is a plot of the lots.

The third dog station has been installed, as well as the "Slow, Children at play" signs.

We are attempting to fix and prevent the ruts at the entrance road edges by installing "TRUEGRID" ground support panels. This should minimize the damage from from cars and buses driving off the curb at the entrance. The first side is already in place.

We have purchased Quickbooks to retain the bookkeeping for the HOA. We have met with a CPA firm to look over our books and to provide guidance. This should greatly simplify the Treasury job once complete. 

Anyone that needs a replacement mailbox can contact the HOA. The price is $100 dollars with the trade in of a rebuild-able post, otherwise the cost is $200. 

07/19 - 07/20 Term

Board of Directors:

Mitchell Lee - President

Dori Sanders - Vice President

Patrick Kelly - Treasurer